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Bits and pieces of Anna’s death have been placed all over the web. After today’s announcement an accidental death is still not the answers millions of people were looking for. How can it be an accidental overdoes. She took way too many prescription meds. It still sounds like a cover up to me!
Dr. Joshua Perper the Broward County medical examiner stated that he reviewed the evidence over and over again before making a final decision. The police conducted an extremely thorough investigation. Several videotapes were taken by the hotel’s security camera and any footage that they could get of Anna and her companion, Howard Stern was reviewed.
What I also found strange was that Stern’s laptop was taken to be examined and nothing was indicated regarding foul play. What is the definition of foul play in their terminology? Why didn’t they provide the results weeks ago, no arrests were made. Everything still sounds fishy.

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Smith had consumed several prescription medications, such as Valium and Methadone for pain, but the two drugs were at therapeutic levels. She also had anti-anxiety medication and weight-reducing pills. It was mentioned that the shot she took in the butt along with the flu gave her an infection, which contributed to her death.
But that was not the only drug found in her system. Anna also had been on sleeping medication called chloral hydrate, which is a sedative for treating insomnia. This drug is rarely prescribed and known to be fatal, if combined with certain other drugs including Lorazepam, another sedative found in Smith’s autopsy report.
I can’t believe that a doctor could actually prescribe all these medications to Anna and no one is liable or accountable. Or is it and no one is to blame for the death of Anna Nicole Smith. All can be reported is that the former star’s death was an “accidental overdose.” Sounds like a load of crock to me.

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