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In May’s issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine, multiplatinum artist, Carrie Underwood says that she is horrible around guys.  She hasn’t had a serious relationship since her 2005 breakup with college boyfriend, Drake Clark.  Carrie is shy and can’t seem to find a guy that wants to be with her, not her fame.

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American Idol winner said that she may have more opportunities now, since before no one would look twice at her, but let’s just say the phone is not ringing off the hook to date her.
As for her being spotted with Tony Romo back in December 2006, both deny that they were ever dating and say that they are just friends.  She is not looking to get married, but is keeping her eyes open.  So, all you guys that are interested in Carrie, hey you never know.  She may fall head over heels in love with you.

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