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best highlights on dark hair

Sanjaya was finally voted off American Idol Wednesday night. Whoooo Hooo! I wanted him off the show so bad, his different hairstyles and singing did nothing for me. The judges wished that they never out him through to the top 30. Maybe he was an okay singer during the auditions, but as soon as his sister left the show, he didn’t even try. I don’t understand how he stayed on the show as long as he did. Well with him off the show, he now has been talking about needing a bodyguard because of the media frenzy he started. He probably won’t even make a record and if by chance he did, I’m sure no one would buy it because it wouldn’t be any good!

highlights on dark hair best

Dark brown hair with chocolate brown and copper highlights

highlights on dark hair omg

highlights on dark hair

hot highlights on dark hair

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